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BioWare Forum Ban Locks Player Out of His Games, Again

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BioWare Forum Ban Locks Player Out of His Games, Again

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 21 March 2011, 16:28:49

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age II

After the unfortunate glitch which lead to the banning of the EA account of some poor sod resulting in him not being able to use his game or DLC or both, and after the perfectly credible response of some BioWare employee it appears that the same pesky bug happened again.

Hey guys, funny story here which mirrors another story that was present on these boards a few weeks ag but this one is actualy worse. My EA account has been permanently banned (tez19) and therefore like the other guy cannot access my DA2 game or DLC. Just would like to throw this out there for people to talk about. Unlike the poster before me i did not call EA the devil or insult EA or Bioware in any way. In fact I did insult other people who were insulting members of Bioware (The guy [Towering Fury] for wishing death on David Gaider and another poster who was typing racial remarks towards Stanley Woo). I am very disappointed as anybody would be that My games and DLC have been disabled and my EA account has been permanently banned. I guess people who said you shouldn’t register your games to your account were correct. Unfortunately it seems EA has lost another customer.
You should buy all DLCs anyway.

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