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Witchwork Update

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Witchwork Update

Game News - posted by Ibbz on Sat 26 October 2002, 17:00:54

Tags: BioWare; Neverwinter Nights: Witch's Wake

Bioware have updated their Witchwork page with some new information and yet more BETA tester's reaction. For those who are unaware of what Witchwork is -
"The Witchwork Series is a new multi-module story arc that will be released as free downloadable adventures." Its being made by Rob Bartel, Co-Lead Designer of NWN.
Here's some of the BETA testers reactions......

"A nice epic feel about it... I can't wait until Chapter 2." - Kamikaze Grape
"The dark and ominous atmosphere in the beginning of the module helped to set the tone for the PC's mood. Something horrible has occurred." - Alarik
"This module screams out hook line and sinker for people that want a real official mod series." - MightyMasterMagi

Could be the module{s} that makes amends for the below average story line featured in NWN.

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