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BioWare 2,000,000 member ph4t l3wt p4rt13

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BioWare 2,000,000 member ph4t l3wt p4rt13

Company News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 28 July 2004, 21:56:33

Tags: BioWare; David Gaider

BioWare's community dealie has hit 2,000,000 people, so they've decided to throw a ph4t l3wt p4rt13 and give away lots of prizes. Here's some of them:

  • 1 Area-51 Desktop PC System
  • 1 GeForce 6800
  • 2 GeForce FX 5950's
  • 2 Xbox Video Game Systems
  • A girdle autographed by David Gaider

There's also a butt load more stuff, like posters for that wacky Asian console game they're making, which would look great hanging in the back of your closet, behind the clothes you never wear.

Okay, I made up the girdle, but the rest is true. So, sign up to win anyway!

Thanks, MrBrown!

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