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Dragon Age 2 Interview

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Dragon Age 2 Interview

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 24 November 2010, 17:53:44

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age II

Strategy Informer chatted with BioWare's Robyn Theberge. Learn how BioWare injected a bit of adrenaline into the franchise.

Strategy Informer: Because the two art styles are so distinct, do you worry at all that there's going to be some kind of disconnect between the two games? Even the enemies look almost completely different.

Robyn Theberge: It's still the same world, you still have that connection there. If you play the blightlands demo you meet Avaline who's a Fereldan, and she travels with you to Kirkwall and eventually joins your party, and she has that connection to home. You've got your sister with you as you travel around at the beginning, and it takes place during the Burning of Lothering, it's happening in the distance, so it really does have that connection to the first game. We're just, you know, giving it a new look, we've injected the franchise with a shot of adrenaline, we've given it a unique, ownable look.
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