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Baldur's Gate - Ten Years After

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Baldur's Gate - Ten Years After

Game News - posted by baby arm on Fri 26 December 2008, 21:52:29

Tags: Baldur's Gate; BioWare

RPG Vault gathered up a few BioWarians to reminisce on the 10 year anniversary of Baldur's Gate
Imoen's popularity was a surprise, mostly because she didn't exist. What's that mean? Her character was a late addition to fill a non-psychotic-thief gap in the early levels. We had no recording budget left, so I assembled her lines by editing voice-over left from a scrapped demo. The original character was a guard named Pique. That's why she has no standalone confrontations / interactions with other party members, which makes her relationship to the player seem closer, and led to making her a half-sister in BG II. Make enough happen, and people see their own patterns. Blunt force content.

So all those Imoen romance mods were based on a lie? Thanks, BioWare, you just ruined Christmas.

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