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BioWare: PC gaming is fine, you just need to adapt

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BioWare: PC gaming is fine, you just need to adapt

Editorial - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 20 January 2009, 01:44:30

Tags: BioWare

Computer and Video Games talk to BioWare about PC gaming:
According to Muzyka the PC gaming landscape is changing as audiences and technology evolve, and it's the job of developers to adapt to these new market conditions.

"MMOs are one way that's occurring... And there are more people playing flash-based games and casual games, even core games that are played in a casual way, so maybe [they have] a more core experience and you only play them for short bursts or for half an hour or something.
"We can still make deep rich experiences but we have to make them easy to access, you have make the control system really easy to use, and you have to make people feel like they're playing an experience that they can play how they want to play it, whether that is long sessions or short sessions."

For pondering: If a "deep, rich experience" is easy to access, is it still a "deep, rich experience"?

Spotted @ GameBanshee

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