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Dragon Age II Video Interviews

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Dragon Age II Video Interviews

Interview - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 9 February 2011, 16:37:07

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age II

Two brief video interviews with Dragon Age 2 Lead Designer Mike Laidlaw are available.
This first one at Gamespot is about talent trees and how character gameplay has been improved.
Whereas in this second one over at News10 Mike explains that Dragon Age 2 will be as good as Baldur's Gate II.

"[Baldur's Gate 2] had characters that were incredibly memorable," Laidlaw tells News10's Game Guys. "Characters like Edwin or Minsc with his crazed crusade against all things evil. And I think that what we deliver with Dragon Age 2 a deeper tactical experience."
I have a prediction of my own: Even the duergar wussies in Irenicus' dungeon pose a bigger thread than anything you'll encounter in Dragon Age 2. That's a scientific fact I deducted from the sad thruth that after BioWare's latest patch efforts Dragon Age pretty much plays itself even on nightmare difficulty. But maybe I'm wrong and BioWare, after having redefined the meaning of RPG, just redefined the meaning of *deep*, *tactical* and perhaps even *experience* as well.

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