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Ray Muzyka Speaks to GameSpy

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Ray Muzyka Speaks to GameSpy

Interview - posted by Exitium on Wed 30 June 2004, 05:46:19

Tags: BioWare

GameSpy has taken the opportunity to speak to one of Bioware's founders and joint-CEO, Dr. Ray Muzyka on the subject of our favorite RPG development house, the aforementioned BioWare, gleaming insights on the goings-on in the company as well as its future ventures. Here's a taste:
GameSpy: Grand Theft Auto made open-ended gaming hip. KotOR made it really trendy to have good/evil branches in games. What do you think the next big trend in gaming will be?

Ray Muzyka: I think there's a lot of effort being placed on story. More than that, it's really creating the virtual actors -- having the right facial animations and having great voice actors. These things help bring characters to life and really help progress storytelling in games.

Insert zing about 'more interesting gameplay and story-defining choices' here.

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