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Mass Effect 2 Kasumi DLC Reviews

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Mass Effect 2 Kasumi DLC Reviews

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 8 April 2010, 00:28:03

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

Is it worth $7?


"But Justin, is it worth $7?" I already hear you asking, but the answer is pretty subjective. At the end, I felt like I didn't necessarily get my money's worth, but I also know I wouldn't have believed that until I had bought the thing myself. If your world was rocked like mine by Mass Effect 2, then you're probably playing rather than reading this. That's fine, you'll probably be able to justify it to yourself -- I know I was. If, however, you were a fan but not desperate for more, you're probably better off forgetting about this memory until the inevitable price drop.

Explicit Gamer:

All in all, I’m a little disappointed with this DLC pack. I was really hoping for a little more content since they’re charging for this one. Sadly, there really isn’t any more here. It’s a fun mission, and the new weapon is very nice but I really wanted some more story and a more fully developed character this time around. Objectively speaking, the good obviously outweighs the bad here – you get a new weapon and a new team mate complete with a new bonus power for you to learn after you gain their loyalty. But if you’re looking for more story and character interactions then this is not worth it at all.

And finally Eurogamer:

Coming out the other side of the DLC, not only will you have a new character who is both useful in combat and fun to have around, you'll also have a serious pile of credits pilfered from Hock's many safes and datapads, another tech upgrade and a new SMG weapon. Like Zaeed, once Kasumi joins up, you can visit her and investigate the various possessions she brings with her to get a little more back-story. Unlike Zaeed, her responses are more varied and she'll even comment on the romantic choices you've made. Best of all, Kasumi's presence in the previously locked observation deck opens up a cocktail bar, which grants you the long-overdue ability to get absolutely hammered on the Normandy.

The possibility to get drunk on the Normandy was exactly what ME2 needed to complete its roleplaying awesomeness.

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