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The Transparency of Mass Effect 2

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The Transparency of Mass Effect 2

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 17 February 2010, 23:48:53

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

thegamereviews take a closer look at ME2 questioning certain design choices.

Instead, you gain your crew’s loyalty by doing explicitly spelled out "loyalty missions". What this means is that it doesn’t matter how you treat your crew, because as long as you help solve their problems you’re okay in their book. This is very disappointing because it means you can be a total boyscout (or girlscout) and gain the respect of everyone, or you can be a jerk and still gain the respect of everyone.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if your crew reacted to you based on your actions throughout the game? I picked a rare Renegade option early on and pissed off Tali, your engineer friend and former teammate from the first game. When I ran into her later on in the game, all was well. When Garrus, a crime-fighting vigilante, wants you to assist him in his quest for vengeance at the hands of a rat, he applauds your decision to either aid him in the assassination or talk him out of it. These win/win situations cheapen the decisions. Shouldn’t your character be judged by their actions throughout rather than if you agree to help with personal matters when the fate of the galaxy is at stake?

The Codex can shed light on the issue at hand.

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