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Brief IGN Q&A about NWN Premium Modules

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Brief IGN Q&A about NWN Premium Modules

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Thu 11 November 2004, 16:23:15

Tags: BioWare; BioWare Digital Distribution; Tom Ohle

IGN briefly spoke to Guy from BioWare Tom Ohle about the whys and wherefores of the new Premium Module store in a short interview.
Tom Ohle: The Neverwinter Nights community has been extremely active since the launch of the game, and we've been continually impressed with the rapid growth and dynamic nature of the community. We want to support this magnificent community by both providing brand new BioWare-developed content, as well as showcasing the efforts of top community talent. By offering these Premium Neverwinter Nights Modules for download through the BioWare Online Store, we're giving fans quick, affordable access to brand new Neverwinter Nights content that will greatly extend their gameplay experience with dedicated BioWare-developed and supported content.

To break this little on-message formula, it's kind of cool to note that the original Witch's Wake module (which has now been re-mastered with voice-over, some new subrace functionality, and other neat features) was downloaded more than half a million times. Who knew there was such a market for shorter downloadable adventures?
It ought to be interesting to see sales figures for the Premium modules and compare them to that 500,000 number for WW1.

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