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Change Is Inherently Scary But Everything Will Be Fine

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Change Is Inherently Scary But Everything Will Be Fine

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Sun 11 July 2010, 20:25:42

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age II

I know the dire news about Dragon Age 2 are a heavy burden for most of you. But don't give up yet. Don't despair. Let "SteveGarbage" of the Greywardens sooth your outrage, for there might still be a spark of hope if we prove ourselves faithful enough. To Us RPG Fans: It'll Be OK.

Whether there is a dialogue wheel or not, whether Hawke speaks or just looks dumbly numb all the time during conversations, whether I’m stuck with a canon male, warrior Hawke or not – if BioWare delivers a compelling tale with characters I fall in love with, the game is a success.  If I take something out of the story or if I feel bad about a particular decision I made that had negative consequences result from it, it’s a success. If I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction mixed with sadness and depression as the final credits roll when I beat it, it’s been a success.
I hope this indepth 3-page analysis of the situation managed to calm your emotions and lift the dark thoughts of sorrow that were clouding your minds. I feel much better now.
Spotted at: Greywardens.com

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