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Dragon Age 2 is Darkier, Sexier, Better

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Dragon Age 2 is Darkier, Sexier, Better

Review - posted by Jason on Fri 11 February 2011, 22:19:09

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age II

Dragon Age 2, which recently went gold, was given PC Gamer's Editor’s Choice Award and described as “darkier, sexier, better.” Yes, darkier.

Satisfying, lightning-fast combat and spectacular spacial moves helped Dragon Age 2 to take the PC Gamer Editor’s Choice award, but the game excelled in other areas, too. A conversation system that doesn’t restrict you with an arbitrary morality meter and the huge, evolving city of Kirkwall help to fill Dragon Age 2 with “more character and vitality than any title in recent memory”.​
Thanks to BLOBERT for the brotip

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