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Fourteen Reasons to Hate Mass Effect 2

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Fourteen Reasons to Hate Mass Effect 2

Editorial - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 10 June 2010, 10:56:06

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

A few months after their enthusiastic review of Mass Effect 2 Explicit Gamer now discovered that they actually hate the game. Maybe in an attempt to score Kodex Kool Kredits or maybe just to increase their reputation as profeshunal gaming journalists.

Cardboard Teammates
It's like that scene from Empire on the Falcon... if Leia had been ritually abused by bikers for the last ten years.
This is where no change occurred. Once again, the bulk of your potential squadmates are annoying and predictable. Jack is the worst of the bunch, with her appearance and behavior made all the more painful by the knowledge that some socially stunted design nerd believed she was clearly the 'edgy' character. Tattoos, leather and overt sexuality obviously being the fallback for shock value. We are all impressed. I like to pretend that Jack’s character design was really a joke. That the designers thought up the worst, most cliched female bad-ass attributes and threw it in the initial proposal just to be 'wacky'. Then some suit with a pie chart and stock options greenlighted the project, on the condition they keep the 'strong female support character' to give the game some 'color'.

Read the whole thing there.


Spotted at: Gamebanshee

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