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BioWare licensing Unreal tech stuff at TeamXBox

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BioWare licensing Unreal tech stuff at TeamXBox

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 22 September 2004, 11:56:41

Tags: BioWare

TeamXBox, whom you guys may remember as the biggest pimpers of Fallout Enforcer on the internet, have gotten an interview with Greg "Zucchini Pants" Zeschuk of BioWare about that whole Unreal thing. Here's a bit about our favorite subject, TEH FEWTURE:

Most developers that license the Unreal technology use it for shooters or games with a first-person perspective. Can you give us an idea of the genre that this unannounced game will be classified under?

Greg Zeschuk:
It’s worth noting that the Unreal Engine 3 does an awesome job of visualizing characters and levels – both of which make frequent appearances in our games…-:);. It’s probably a little too early to conclude exactly what we’ll build with the engine – though we can state that its gameplay will be very slick and it will look amazing!

We can say that this unannounced game will definitely be an RPG at its core, but it will also have some cool features that will help us expand the definition of RPG. All of our games have a core RPG layer with strong storytelling, character interactions, exploration and character progression and this new game will be no exception. We can’t say any more at this point, except that the new game is looking cool already!

Instead of attempting expand the definition, why don't you guys just practice adhering to it for a change? Once you understand that dialogue choices should have unique responses from an NPC, then we can talk about expanding the definition.

Oh yeah, and thanks go to Mr_Teatime of DAC for the link to this.

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