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The Codex Mass Effect interview

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The Codex Mass Effect interview

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 1 February 2007, 13:44:24

Tags: BioWare

Although Mass Effect is a console game, the depth of its design had surprised us, which is why we'd like to introduce the game to our readers (special thanks to Casey Hudson):

How would you compare Mass Effect to Knights of the Old Republic?

It's a good question. In some ways Mass Effect is a lot like Knights of the Old Republic, so all KOTOR fans should be really excited. You have a starship, and you travel the galaxy, having all these really great moments. You have all these Mass Effect powers, which are a lot like Force Powers in the Star Wars universe. However, the main difference, which is where the game really shines, is the main character. I know the word "extreme" may seem overused a bit, but it's an extreme character who does some very extreme stuff unlike Revan who was a very blank character.
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