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Level System in Mass Effect 3

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Level System in Mass Effect 3

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 12 October 2011, 11:53:39

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 3

Only Logical attended the Eurogamer Expo and share some info on Mass Effect 3's leveling system:

On first glance, Mass Effect 3 appears to have retained the system from the second game (albeit with more progression levels). On closer inspection, however, Mass Effect 3 gives us way more options to play with.  First, the player selects an ability from a screen resembling the one from Mass Effect 2.

The game then allows the player to select upgrades specific to that ability, and even choose the particular path that he would prefer the skill to follow. For example, you can actively develop a skill to have more range than force, or vice-versa. In some ways this provides even more depth than was seen in ME1; you'll remember that despite there being a large number of options for progression, in the first game they were all linear.

Despite this added depth, however, BioWare have been able to give the system an intuitive user interface; more so than Mass Effect 1. So put all of this together, and the end result is a rewarding, deep levelling system with a simple user interface. Outstanding work, BioWare!

Thanks, Teepo.


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