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Rockin' hardcore old school free style and stuff

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Rockin' hardcore old school free style and stuff

Editorial - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 18 April 2006, 09:52:25

Tags: BioWare

GameSpy has an editorial/interview with various developers, marketting types, and other industry queens talking about hardcore gamers and do they really matter any more. I would have been happier with the piece if they'd just all up and said, Why no. No, they don't. They haven't for quite some time! Please write more bullshit reviews for our upcoming games. Anyway, some important people from BioWare took part in it, so it's post-worthy. Here's a bit of it:
GameSpy: Can hardcore gamers ever be harmful to development?

We think there's a definite difference between your garden-variety hardcore gamer and the vocal minority that sometimes erupt online on message boards. You need to be able to tell the difference between the two groups and understand that the people yelling the loudest aren't necessarily the majority of players, nor are they necessarily even an influential hardcore player or early adopter... We should note that a minority of hardcore gamers actually do seek niche-type features that might cause the mainstream gamers to get turned off by complexity or difficulty, and, to be successful in reaching a large audience with their titles, developers definitely need to be aware of this phenomenon and be careful to screen all comments carefully before changing their designs based on those comments from fans.

So, only the hardcore opinions that matter are those that like the game? Especially if those hardcore gamers that like the game don't mind all the mainstream stuff in it? Wouldn't that mean those hardcore guys are just the mainstream guys? I'm so lost.

And now for the PUNCHLINE written by who ever put together the piece:
No wonder BioWare makes such great games. It's clear that both Zeschuk and Muzyka understand their audience and truly value their opinions. However, they're also good enough at what they do to sort out the good from the bad when it comes to critiques and suggestions. It makes sense that the bond between developers and hardcore gamers is the strongest out of all the other relationships we reviewed. It's also clear that a good developer just wants to make a good game, and that's something every type of gamer can appreciate.

I'm still waiting for BioWare's first great game. One that doesn't feel like they brain stormed up a few decent ideas and then cut and pasted those ideas enough times to make the game x-hours long.

Thanks, Daigoji_Gai!

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