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Another NWN module preview at RPGVault

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Another NWN module preview at RPGVault

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Tue 9 November 2004, 21:46:42

Tags: BioWare; BioWare Digital Distribution

The other day, RPG Vault had a short preview of Shadowguard, one of the modules to be featured on the BioWare online store. Today, they've done one of Kingmaker, another of the pay-to-play modules.
The story element is a definite highlight. Perhaps most noteworthy is the dramatic beginning, which I won't spoil by revealing it. Kingmaker also features strong development of the NPC party members, primarily achieved through plenty of interactions among them and with the player character. The critical path has an interesting, unusual structure with a significant non-linear aspect. You must complete at least a minimum number of quests out of a larger total; you can tackle them in the order you choose, and the rest become optional. There are also various areas you can explore or not, as well as fun elements like relationships with romantic overtones and a talking weapon you can improve over time.
You start in an academy, don't you?

EDIT: It's a preview of Kingmaker, not Shadowguard--thanks, Volourn.

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