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Biowarian Profile: Brenon Holmes

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Biowarian Profile: Brenon Holmes

Company News - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 18 June 2004, 14:11:06

Tags: BioWare

The controversial thread called Please do give us turn-based combat!! continues to generate priceless revelations from Bioware developers and programmers. This time it's Brenon Holmes's turn to demonstrate his wit and logic. Unfortunately, this Holmes doesn't use deductive method in his reasoning.

Personally I love turn based games... but only to a point. They're great because in most cases the result of the encounter is based on your decisions (strategy-wise) instead of on your characters abilities, or luck (though these do play a role, your strategic choices can have a much larger impact than they do in a realtime simulation).

It breaks down in multiplayer. Yes, it *is* possible to have turn based in multiplayer - the main issue is I think what people are looking for in a multiplayer game (in general/mass market appeal). Generally, in my experience, MP games tend to be a bit more on the hack and slash side of things... a bit more action oriented, less dialogue, less plot, more killin'. (It should be noted that this is just an opinion, I'm sure there are MP modules/severs that do not fit into this view.)

Waiting for someone else to make a move, especially if they're controlling multiple characters (assuming an average PC party size, familiars, animal companions and the like) can quickly get rather vexing. Even if you put timers on how long someone can take, they're never 'right'... either too long or too short, in other words no one will ever be happy.

That said, with sufficient auto-pausing features... TB can be almost indistinguishable from RT
So that's why they hype their games as turn-based.

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