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Respekt++ the Character @ the BioWare Blog

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Respekt++ the Character @ the BioWare Blog

Editorial - posted by DarkUnderlord on Mon 24 November 2008, 03:24:13

Tags: BioWare

Here's another contemplative, thought-provoking, discussion generating in-depth blog post from the boys at BioWare. This time it's a Part 1 and Part 2 from Trent Yacuk on respecting the player:
It’s all about respect. Ultimately, the role of the GM is to entertain your friends. And while some GMs think that their story is so great that it can’t fail to entertain, they may be missing the point. Because the players are there for their character, not for your story. Your story is just the path for their characters, the medium through which they can play their persona.

Once the GM realizes this, they should then realize that respecting the player and the character is paramount to their story. And it’s a surprisingly easy skill to master, because it really is as simple as recognizing what the players and characters want, what they came to do and then give it to them.


You can also, as a GM, look at what the player put into his character and develop that as an important part of the story. A good author of a book or a show does not even mention that a character is an excellent painter unless there is a reason for it. The character’s artistic skill will become useful at some point and, if acknowledged prior to that point, shows that it wasn’t just ‘random’. A GM can use that. If a character dumps points into a Swim skill, you as a GM should put an encounter where that Swim skill becomes important. And maybe not just once but a few times. It lets that character be the hero of the moment. It gives the player something that they can do that nobody else is better at. And since you put that in just for them, if they roll the ‘1’ on their Swim check, hinder them a little but don’t make them have an ‘epic fail’.

Trent Yacuk is an independent game developer. Oh, that's why his ideas are actually decent. It's just a pity he's not talking about CRPGs. Does this mean we'll start to see more of these thoughts incorporated into BioWare's games?

Spotted @ GameBanshee

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