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First Sacred review: 8.7

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First Sacred review: 8.7

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 28 February 2004, 19:40:21

Tags: Sacred

Some German folks from Gamigo posted their review<a/> of [url=m]Sacred giving it 8.7 out of 10 for things like Ascaron hat mit Sacred ein richtig feines Hack´n Slay Rollenspiel auf die Beine gestellt, das sich nicht hinter dem bekannte Diablo verstecken muss. If you don't speak German, shame on you, btw, then you have to deal with BabelFish's riddles like after you for one of the characters decided it, can you now finally loose-put.

Ascaron placed with Sacred a correctly fine Hack'n Slay game of roles on the legs, which do not have to hide themselves behind that well-known Diablo. The diagram can convince, the fights makes simply fun and the six different characters loads all together to the renewed plays to the end. History is not necessarily novel hoar frost, but by the many smaller and larger Nebenquests, as well as with the time the ever better becoming Story will not certainly arise boredom here.​
Well, it certainly looks like they like it

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