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More razzle dazzle from Silver Style

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More razzle dazzle from Silver Style

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 1 March 2004, 18:09:19

Tags: Carsten Strehse; Fall: Last Days of Gaia; Silver Style

Carsten Strehse, an extremely talented hype maker, has decided to answer <a href=http://www.krawall.de/artikel.php?s=&artikel_id=10007>some questions[/url] and to show off his latest marketing acquisition, Jeff Husges, who was happy to tell us that The Fall is just like Fallout 3. The interview is in German, so you, guys, have to deal with the BabelFish's interpretations again.

Riot: Jeff, you will let your experience from "fall out flow 3" also into "The case"?
Jeff Husges: Since "fall out 3" was a similar project, it has to find helped the connection to me with "The case". The plays resemble each other in certain points, so that there are already many aspects, with which I are very familiar.​
I'm eagerly awaiting what Carsten would come up with next week. It's absolutely priceless!

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