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Beyond Divinity peek thing at RPGVault #29

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Beyond Divinity peek thing at RPGVault #29

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 7 March 2004, 02:34:46

Tags: Beyond Divinity

RPGVault has posted yet another sneak peek at Beyond Divinity. This time up, it's about making neat weapons in the game. Here's the taste:

Let's face it guys, since Monkey Island, we all know that every idiot is capable of swinging a sharp piece of metal around, but a real hero fights differently. Every husband knows that a good drunken bar fight isn't half as threatening as coming home afterwards and being awaited by a certain person closely related to him with a big pan in her hand. Even the Sheriff of Nottingham preferred using a spoon to do his dirty work, although we have to admit that the stats of his specific kitchen tool probably weren't too high, or he might have succeeded.​

That had to be the best part of that Kevin Costner movie right there, the line about the spoon.

Spotted at: Blue's News

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