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Sacred gets a peek from Just RPG

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Sacred gets a peek from Just RPG

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 10 March 2004, 13:15:39

Tags: Sacred

Just RPG has done up a preview of Sacred. Here's a bit of the fun:

Of course you would be taking most of the fun out of the game if you skipped many of the optional quests we mentioned, quests that will award you experience and new combat art abilities. Combat art abilities can be upgraded and it is often by completing side quests that you will be able to do so or learn new ones. When you earn experience you can choose to upgrade many different areas, such as magic or weapon lore. Health and combat art abilities each regenerate themselves after a period of time and there are certain skills that you can attribute points into to make the regeneration times faster. You will also appreciate the humor that the developers have put into the game such as a gravestone you find in a cemetery that mentions that it is there in honor of the many monsters that you have killed for their experience points. There is another gravestone that apologizes because the NPC job market is in turmoil and therefore could not place a monster there. I enjoyed the inclusion of these and other funny details in the game and I am sure we will find much more in the full game.​

I kind of enjoy some of the references to other games as well. Anyone noticed that in the demo, the guy who guards the bridge that leads to the harder area and will warn you away is named Sargent Flavius? Sound familiar?

Spotted at: RPGDot

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