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Geneforge 2 beach blanket boogies with PC Gamer

Geneforge 2 beach blanket boogies with PC Gamer

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 12 March 2004, 02:46:29

Tags: Geneforge 2

PC Gamer has a review in their latest issue about Geneforge 2 where it gets an 80% rating. It's mostly positive, and here's a clip:

The one major and glaring affliction is the old-school look of the graphics. Unless you've been gaming since the early Ultimas, the low end visuals may be a bit tough to accept- particularly given the current standard in the genre, courtesy of games such as Morrowind and Neverwinter Nights. But I'm here to say that you should accept them, and gladly, too- the gameplay is that good. Try the demo(even if just to laugh at the graphics) and I'll bet you're hooked within 15 minutes.​

Fifteen minutes sounds about right. That's when I stopped noticing the graphics because I was sucked in.

Thanks, Pooperscooper!

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