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None - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 18 March 2004, 15:47:50

Tags: Encore Software; Sacred

The winners of the GET DECKED contest are posted, including the runners up. without further ado, here's the winners and a few clips of what the judges said about each deck:

Exitium: Billy B’s gladiator is a fine piece of work. The runners-up are almost as good as this hunk of walking death but as you can clearly see in the screenshot, he’d probably beat the hell out of them with his twin hammers. He strikes a pose as he strikes his enemies, and looks good doing it. I’d pay to see anyone try to go up against this juggernaut.

Vault_Dweller: Malak easily wins the best seraphim because it’s just that perfect. Everything is great and just right from the items coordination to the bonuses to the mighty staff she’s wielding. The pose though deserves a special praise. I don’t know whether or not itwas chosen on purpose or by lucky accident, but it works extremely well and fits considering the divine nature of the character.

Congrats to the winners of the contest, thanks to all who entered. I hope to see everyone in the game March 23rd to see how DECKED OUT people get in the full version of Sacred.

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