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Sacred Vampiress poop sheet

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Sacred Vampiress poop sheet

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 19 March 2004, 17:22:09

Tags: Sacred

MadTexan[/b], one of the moderators on the [url=http://www.ascaron-forum.com/]Ascaron forum, has put together a Vampiress reference sheet that covers many aspects of the class in Sacred, including attribute advancement, skills, and combat arts. Here's a clip:

Usage: Vampire Only
Type: Spell
Effect: Raises a dead enemy as a vampire that will fight for you for as long as
you remain in vampire form. Enemies slain by an awakened vampire have a chance
of becoming vampires themselves.
Note 1: There is no level progression table for this combat art and there is no
way to measure exactly what the effects of increased level are.
Note 2: I assume that at each level the health, attack damage and/or chance to
inflict vampirism is increased, although there is no way to actually determine

So, they die when you switch form? Sucks to be them.

Yes, the pun is intended and dedicated to sgc_meltdown who wanted more puns in the news.

Spotted at: Ascaron forums

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