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Mythora Q&A at WithinGames

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Mythora Q&A at WithinGames

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 24 March 2004, 09:30:07

Tags: Banita; Nawar

There's an interview with Dominik Libek and Marcin Michel of Teleplan about Mythora, their CRPG with a mix of genres in one game. Here's a bit about that:

(4) Coming to Mythora, your new role playing game, can you explain a little about the background and why you chose a setting on such a partly strange and on the other hand very familiar world? Can you also tell us about the different locations we will see in the game?

Dominik Libek:
It must have certainly been mentioned already that the world in Mythora makes a smooth transit from the climate of fantasy to full s-f. It is a very innovative motive in cRPG games. Thus, locations in Mythora are much differentiated - in the part of the world subject to fantasy canon the player can visit many rural villages, towns and cities, caves and mines. In the s-f part the team will continue its journey through the scenery of futuristic bases and spaceships.​

I hope it has Castle Greyskull in it.

Thanks, mithrandir!

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