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Sacred heart warming at PlayXcess

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Sacred heart warming at PlayXcess

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 28 March 2004, 04:16:35

Tags: Sacred

There's a review of Sacred over at PlayXcess. They basically say while it's glitchy, it's worth buying.

You are not doomed to walk the lands alone, as Sacred allows you companions. They can be equipped with any weapons you possess, and have enough AI autonomy to act intelligently. For example, one companion was a priestess rescued from slavers. As I dismembered foes on her passage to liberty, a ‘boss’ character would have destroyed me were it not for the priestess healing me at exactly the right time. Another mission saw me escorting a prominent public figure to the hamlet of Silver Creek. As well as the noble, his bodyguard also joined the retinue and fought well and intelligently, until I let him take on a minotaur alone and get massacred. Better him than me.​

Eh. I thought they were a little stupid in the demo, never knowing when to run away.

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