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Sacred gets some love at RPGDot

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Sacred gets some love at RPGDot

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 29 March 2004, 14:47:58

Tags: Sacred

Sacred's recieved an 83% in the review of the game over at RPGDot. While a little short, it does cover some ups and downs. Here's the conclusion:

verall, Sacred is even more motivating than Diablo 2, especially for the better quests, the saving system and brigns some great and fresh ideas like the horse and the combos to the genre, but the story could be more involving and quests a little more original (most of the time the there are baby sitting, fed-ex, search&destroy or search&rescue jobs only.). Enemies get repetitive and some areas are simply to boring and too large. Sacred has a high replay value by exporting heroes, different difficulty levels with better items and the 6 classes. If you enjoyed Diablo 2, you need to play Sacred and if you were disappointed by Diablo 2, Sacred may be just what you were waiting for after Diablo 1! For a possible Sacred 2 let's hope for better quests and less vast areas however…​

Well, there's only so much you can do with a foozle.

Thanks, Garrett!

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