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Everybody likes Sacred

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Everybody likes Sacred

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 29 March 2004, 16:11:39

Tags: Sacred

Sacred is doing well out there. I got a truckload of new reviews, giving it between 80 and 93%. Since they all say basically the same thing, I'll combine them all for your convinience:

<a href=http://www.gameraiders.com/reviews.asp?platform=PC&reviewid=1349>Game Raiders[/url]: 91% The game that Diablo fans have begged for is finally here. Sacred replicates Diablo’s winning formula so well, that you’ll easily mistake this for work from the chiefs at Blizzard if you’re not careful. The combat is almost identical to Blizzard’s king of RPGs, with one major improvement. Sacred allows you to customize combat combo moves in order to further boost your skills. You can combine different moves to get a bigger bang out of your regular attacks. This not only adds some more strategy, but further enhances your attachment to your character as a unique character only to you. Big time kudos to the development team for adding that element to an already solid combat system.Weapon and armor customization is also available for you to further personalize your character. Basically, Sacred is Diablo III. It simply rocks head to toe and if you liked Diablo, you will absolutely love Sacred.​

<a href=http://www.ic-games.co.uk/index.php?location=1&&articleid=1355>IC Games[/url]: 93% In conclusion Sacred sets out to be little more than you’re typical hack and slash feast but with gorgeous graphics and a storyline/sound effects to match, but why shouldn’t we all devour it anyway? So what if Sacred achieves most of this by borrowing every single idea from Classics like Diablo, and the not so classics like “Blade and Sword”. The main difference is that when these developers borrowed the ideas they took the time to improve upon them as well. If pointing and clicking floats your boat then Sacred will keep you all dry for some time to come and we can do nothing but thoroughly recommend it.​

Gamer Archive: 8/10 The whole package of Sacred seems to combine so well, that over time you just find yourself drawn in more and more to a game that at first you could dismiss. For RPG fan’s looking purely for a bit more of the same, you could do a lot worse than give Sacred a look. Unfortunately if your completely uninterested in the more traditional aspects of the PC RPG, then Sacred probably wont force you to change your mind. If you’ve already played the Baldurs Gate series, and find yourself eager for another world to immerse yourself in, give Sacred a try and I’m sure you wont be disappointed.​

Yahoo Games: 8/10 Sacred takes the best elements from the RPG genre and fuses them with a great deal of style. The polish, attention to detail, and obvious love that went into this game makes up for its minor shortcomings. It's perfect for Diablo fans burned out on the classic.​
There you go, everybody likes it, so go get it already.

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