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Beyond Divinity Q&A at GameBanshee

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Beyond Divinity Q&A at GameBanshee

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 31 March 2004, 15:19:22

Tags: Beyond Divinity

GameBanshee has convinced David Walgrave, Larian's QA Manager, to answer some questions about Beyond Divinity

GB: How many new skills and spells will you be introducing in Beyond Divinity? Any particular favorites you can give us the details for?

David: In Beyond Divinity, the player will have a much larger list of skills available to choose from. To learn the different skills you have to find teachers. Teachers are NPC's that enable a certain path in the skillsystem. The player will also find books in the world that enable these paths for him. Once the path is enabled, the player can put skillpoints in the skill so he can use the skill. The level of skills will be capped to the level of teachers you’ll find in the game.

In Beyond Divinity we have a much more extensive skill system: the player can create his own skills by boosting different properties of the generic skills. In Divine Divinity you only had the choice of choosing a skill, not to enhance different attributes of the skill.

Favourites... A warrior character really benefits from boosting some different skillpaths. I never just stick to one damage type, because some monsters are particularly resistant to, for instance, slashing damage. So, I boost my accuracy and damage in both "Melee - Slashing" as "Melee - Crushing" and hang on to these types of weapons. Once I've advanced some more levels, I'll certainly be investing in the "Critical Hits" boostable of both paths too. I also try to give my warrior the repair skill and the identify skill, and even the wizard skill "Flash" which teleports him right next to an enemy in a flash. At a very high level, I might even want to learn "polymorph", which is always a bit of a surprise really​
Sounds kinda plain, but then again, I didn't really like the combat in the Divinity series.

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