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GameSpot previews Dungeon Lords

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GameSpot previews Dungeon Lords

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 2 April 2004, 15:05:48

Tags: Dungeon Lords

GameSpot posted a preview of Dungeon Lords saying funny things like:

Apparently, Bradley's goal with Dungeon Lords is to preserve the depth of an epic role-playing game but to present this depth as simply as possible.​
How funny is this?

So, the game will feature eight playable races of characters (including nonhuman characters with superhuman abilities, like the ability to see in the dark), along with male and female variants, plus an in-depth magic spell system. However, the game's easy-to-use control system will let you control your character with the WASD keys on your keyboard, like a first-person shooter, and use your left mouse button to swing your weapon and your right mouse button to block incoming attacks with your shield. The idea is to reward skillful players by letting them gain experience levels and treasure from fallen enemies more quickly than less-skilled players, who will likely want to adopt a more-cautious approach.​
Rewarding twitch-players more? Yep, that's a lotta depth!

Spotted at: RPG Dot

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