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The Fall diary #1 at RPG Vault

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The Fall diary #1 at RPG Vault

Development Info - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 8 April 2004, 16:06:49

Tags: Fall: Last Days of Gaia; Silver Style

Carsten is back! RPG Vault posted Carsten Strehse's recollection of his work on The Fall: Last Days of Gaia.

The team also agreed that it should be a party-based rather than a single-character RPG. Having access to several characters not only increases the replay value, it also adds a lot more tactical options to the combat aspect. And while we're on the battle system, real-time that can be paused manually or automatically was favoured since I found fully turn-based to be too time-consuming for the kind of game The Fall is supposed to be. However, we also worked a simulated turn-based (STB) approach into the game, which I'm going to cover in the next diary entry.​
What next? We found that deep and meaningful dialogues are too time-consuming for our RPG so we designed a system of grunt-based communications: one grunt means yes, two grunts mean no.

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