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IGN takes a look at Dungeon Lords

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IGN takes a look at Dungeon Lords

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 10 April 2004, 14:50:31

Tags: Dungeon Lords; Heuristic Park Inc.

IGN has posted a preview of Dungeon Lords stating that there'll be no more turn-based battles from the days of old, but the real-time hacking, slashing, blocking, shooting, and casting of spells that a game such as Diablo II is known for

This doesn't mean that the game will be short on the usual character complexity that is associated with RPGs. Characters will still have to be crafted according to gamer needs. Skills in several areas such as weapons (light weapons, pole weapons, throwing weapons, etc...), defense (parry, heavy armor, medium shield, etc...), general (athletics, bargain, repair, etc...), magic (elemental magic, rune magic, magic resistance, etc...), thief (pick locks, disarm traps, backstab, etc...), and "diabolic" (inflict wounds, critical strike, ninjitsu, etc...) will be able to be selected and upgraded as characters increase in experience.​
Since when RPG's complexity=lotsa skills? Morrowind had a lot of skills and was a very dull game

The basic idea behind the game is to combine the depth of a normal RPG with the relative ease of use that most action RPG games provide. What you get on screen is a lot of game world with almost zero interface. In fact, while you're playing, the only thing on screen will be health and mana shown in the upper left corner. Aside from that, all windows will live underneath the game only to appear at the push of a key. They're hoping this allows players to immerse themselves into the world a bit more than is usually possible in an RPG full of bars and tabs and buttons.​
Yeah, don't you hate all those stupid RPGs full of bars and buttons.

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