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Vision interview at HomeLan

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Vision interview at HomeLan

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Tue 13 April 2004, 15:23:44

Tags: ALTAR Interactive; Vision

Do you remember Vision, a fantasy RPG that was announced last week? I betcha you had many questions like "What's so evolutionary about this very generic game?" Well, HomeLan was the first to track the Vision team down and ask them some questions about the latest evolutionary RPG.

How will combat be handled in Vision?

Besides the AI, combat is the most ambitious component of the Vision project. The characters really parry and dodge blows, furiously lunge or cautiously circle around the enemy, taking into account the slopes, obstacles and other combatants that are present. You can slow down or pause the combat in the game – otherwise it looks like a furious, deadly dance. Even at this development stage it visually surpasses most RPGs. But lets stop talk about it now; we can continue once we release the first trailers :o)​
I can't think of anything more stupid that a pausable "furious, deadly dance" of combat.

Thanks, Dhruin

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