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Spells of Gold meh to Gamer's Hell

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Spells of Gold meh to Gamer's Hell

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 14 April 2004, 09:07:07

Tags: Spells of Gold

Gamer's Hell has produced a short but surprisingly well written review of Spells of Gold, the economic trade CRPG. Basically, the whole thing is about the game not making it clear what it's trying to be, as you can see in the conclusion:

Here’s where I start sounding like I’m back-pedaling. Spells of Gold really could be engrossing, especially if you’ve got the time for it, and you’re used to tracking the burgeoning load of several separate key aspects of a single game. I know that for most of us, when we’re digging in to find the best sale price for the slowly decaying apples in our carrier satchels, we don’t necessarily want to switch gears and be too distracted by a whole other table of play opportunities involving RPG character advancement and pinning down a diaphanous plot. But as I mentioned at the beginning, there are notable efforts made to combine some robust play structures in Spells of Gold and for the most part, they’re executed with a deft hand for detail. The biggest problem is that the very different genre elements just don’t seem to co-exist very well within the confines of a game containing little cohesive structure. Because of that fact, the saddest part about Spells of Gold’s inadequacies is that I don’t even know, specifically, to whom I could recommend it.​

I've always thought RPGs needed a trade aspect to them, or trade games needed more of an RPG aspect, but like anything else - delivery matters.

Yeah, that's another pun.

Spotted at: Blue's News

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