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Vision Q&A at RPG Vault

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Vision Q&A at RPG Vault

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 26 April 2004, 19:33:08

Tags: ALTAR Interactive; Vision

RPG Vault posted an in-depth interview with Vlada Chvatil of Altar Interactive about the new RPG Vision that's supposed to restore the original meaning of the term role-playing. Let the hype begin!

Although we have a very tactical approach to combat implementation, visually, it looks like fierce action. The combatants are still moving, circling around each other, lunging, dodging, parrying etc. Watching them, you feel they are really fighting, not only exchanging blows. Even now at this early development stage, it looks much better than combat in most of the other games.
At the very beginning of the story, the player is offered to choose his character's master, and thus something like the class of your character. However, this still doesn't define the further development of your character. There are lots of skills for each class that can be learned and upgraded; if your mage is concentrating on ranged and global spells, you will get a completely different character than if you are concentrating on fighting with your staff and on supporting spells. Or maybe you will not specialize in particular skills and rather learn a wider range of skills at lower levels. In addition, most of the skills are accessible even to the other classes. If your fighter is clever enough, and if you want to, maybe he will learn some simple spells at his higher levels.
Yes, there will be lots of NPCs willing to join your party, but you will not CONTROL any of them. You are controlling your main character, by whom they will be recruited and from whom they will accept commands.Forget the classic scenario of accepting a character into the party, taking all his equipment and kicking him out. On the contrary, you should give him some items or gold from the loot from time to time to keep him content and loyal
There will be no multiplayer in Vision, and we considered this well. It is hard to create a game that is really great both in both single-player and multiplayer modes. It is always a compromise, as lots of design questions should be decided differently in single-player and multiplayer games.​
Hmm, doesn't actually sound that bad.

PS. Saint, in case you didn't notice, the paragraphs are really, really short :)

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