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Flatspace hyperdrives to 1.05

Flatspace hyperdrives to 1.05

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 11 May 2004, 00:53:12

Tags: Flatspace

Flatspace has a shiny new 1.05 patch for those looking to upgrade their space trading/exploring/dogfighting rogue-like-ish game. There's also a few new features added to improve various aspects of the game and provide more feedback. Here's a changelog:

  • Registration system changed.
  • Turret weapons are now limited to M1 machine guns or energy weapons to reduce their game influence.
  • Bases now have an everlasting generator fitted as standard.
  • Fixed intertrader armour error.
  • Less emphasis on fighter quantity during sectorship combat.
  • Stun weapons now cause damage like normal weapons if fired on vessels without a generator.
  • Delivery or taxi missions cannot be accepted if the destination docking bay is too small.
  • A maximum of six missions in progress has been imposed to curb large scale speculative bounty hunting.
  • Scooping active ships or escape pods will now correctly phoenixise them.
  • Hoobson Pro-K Scoop stats have been changed slightly.
  • Fighter losses of AI ships are now taken into account. Bases restock fighters slowly. Other ships restock fighters when they dock in sectorspace.
  • Flare launchers now contain an exact flare quantity.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to sell fighters in space.
  • Turret gunners assigned while guns are firing now start firing too.
  • Lockout fixed if ships attempt launch with no thrusters or generator.
  • Fix to the Undead setting. This was assumed to be Death Means Death unless cycled during character selection.
  • Layout of the default galaxy has changed, this was forced by the new fighter quantity code.
  • Fixed unusual music bug under Windows XP where the first few seconds of music was ignored.
  • Ship agility has changed and is now proportional to mass. Small vessels and large vessels are now more agile, mid sized ones are slightly less agile.
  • Fix to gun turret crew asssignment.
  • Shield and armour display added.

More HUD info, can't beat that. I think that was requested by several people here.

Spotted at: GameTunnel

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