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GameSpot looks for and finds depth in Dungeon Lords

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GameSpot looks for and finds depth in Dungeon Lords

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Wed 12 May 2004, 15:59:31

Tags: Dungeon Lords; Heuristic Park Inc.

GameSpot posted Dungeon Lords E3 preshow impressions. In case you didn't know, Dungeon Lords is an action game with the epic depth of a role-playing game. Now, I know there are some very skeptical people who would say that an action game couldn't have any role-playing depth, and they would be wrong! We have proof!

But in keeping with Bradley's roots, Dungeon Lords should pack a lot of role-playing depth; it's not just a simple hack-and-slash action game. You can select from eight playable races, some nonhuman, and you can choose a gender. You'll also be able to select from a wide variety of classes, each with unique abilities and attributes. The game will also offer an intricate magic system--based on four schools of magic--with plenty of spells and spell effects.​
Eight races! Some even nonhuman! (which makes sense, because 8 human races would be boring) And even a gender! On top of that, you get classes and spells that come with their very own spell effects! If that aint indepth hardcore role-playing, I honestly don't know what is.

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