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Second Roots interview at RPGDot

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Second Roots interview at RPGDot

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Tue 1 June 2004, 00:05:52

Tags: Roots, The; Tannhauser Gate

RPGDot brings us more content today with an interview where they talk to Piotr Krzywonosiuk of Tannhauser Gate about their dubious RPG The Roots.

I partially answered this in one of the previous questions. While the combat system should be described as ‘turn-based’ it carries a few unique elements, which makes it behave in a more real-time fashion. So, we have turns when certain characters take action but a player is given additional control over each of the party member. This also allowed us to smuggle in the tactical element to combat.​

Somewhere, deep inside that doubletalk laden, muddled statement, is an admission that it's just real time with pause. It'd take a far better man than I to decode that, though.

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