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Worthplaying praises Power of Law

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Worthplaying praises Power of Law

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 7 June 2004, 22:55:09

Tags: MISTLand; Power of Law: COPS: 2170

Worthplaying posted a very positive preview of Power of Law, an upcoming turn-based cyberpunk RPG from MISTLand, a Russian developer entrusted with the Jagged Alliance license.

The game is played in a multitude of modes. When there are no threats in your immediate vicinity, the game plays in real time. You are free to move anywhere and interact with anything you choose without limitations. When an enemy (the definition of which can vary, depending on your current mission) is in such a position as to cause you or your squad harm, the game seamlessly switches to turn-based mode. So seamlessly, in fact, the first time it occurred, I thought the game had “bugged” on me. But closer inspection showed a succinct difference in the data around the cursor when I moved it to another location. Just keep an eye out on your AP’s (Action Points) and plan your moves in stages, according to your available AP’s. This is familiar to anyone who has ever played a board wargame.

COPS: 2170 is also a rich role-playing game! From the very first mission, you are presented with moral and ethical choices that can determine how your entire career will progress. These choices are not presented in a simplistic (yes) (no) format. Rather, your actions dictate your path. Friendly fire is not acceptable, although you are allowed a few mistakes. Enemies, civilians and even colleagues will try to coerce you to work for their cause. Corruption in the ranks makes trust a commodity to be valued. You can never tell who may be an informant for Internal Affairs, or on the other hand, a rogue cop only out for him(her)self. Will you follow the letter of the law, or choose a more mercenary path? COPS: 2710 gives you the freedom of choice...​
What kinda question is that? I AM the Law!

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