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New Game: Way of the Sword

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New Game: Way of the Sword

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 14 June 2004, 15:54:51

Tags: Mount & Blade

There's a new indie CRPG in the works by TaleWorlds, a Turkish development group. The name of the game is Way of the Sword, which isn't a terribly original name, but what the hell? They're new at this. Anyway, here's a bit on the name itself from their site:

In Way of the Sword, you play an adventurer who arrives at the land of Calardia. Once home to a great kingdom, Calardia has fallen after decades of internal strife and is now under the threat of invasion by two powerful forces: On the west, the warlike nordsmen have occupied the border town of veluga, whereas on the east, Khergits, a nomad people from the steppes pillage the land with their incessant raids. But nowadays people talk of a new, darker threat. It is said that in many villages, common men turn into monsters and even that the dead rise from their graves to punish the living.

And a bit on the combat system:

Unlike most of the games in the genre, Way of the sword has a battle system that depends on reflexes and coordination. We believe something is amiss in games where, the player saves the world battling against demonic hordes while in reality he does little more than clicking on enemies.

That would probably be because clicking on an enemy is what is done to determine the outcome based upon the character system and combat model. You know, something an RPG is supposed to do.

EDIT: Crap, one of the developers posted about this on our forum a while ago and I missed it.

Spotted at: Game Tunnel

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