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Damien Foletto Loves the MMO in RPG

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Damien Foletto Loves the MMO in RPG

Editorial - posted by Exitium on Wed 16 June 2004, 01:42:31

Tags: Damien Foletto

Brace yourselves with yet another RPG developer who has been embraced by the curse of the MMORPG vampire: Damien "Puuk" Foletto. Be ready for thrills and spills as Damien brings you through the wild ride of his very long, very verbose article on Winterwind: "An MMORPG Affair by Damien Foletto". Here is a minute snippet to excite your tastes, and tickle your fury:

While single player CRPG's will always remain my favorite genre of video game, I also very much enjoy MMORPG's. There, I said it - and I do not regret that I said it! I like, and am a fan of, MMORPG's! I like being able to group up with friends and adventure in a vast, danger filled persistent online world. I like having the option of going it solo, knowing that at any time I could find like-minded players and group up if I get lonely. I like the variety of bad guys, the (often times thinly veiled) story lines, and fumbling upon that one item that makes my character stand out in the crowd. There are many things that I like about MMORPG's, however, there are also many things that I would like to see MMORPG's do, or change, in the future, and then I might love MMORPG's.

Right now, MMORPG's are like having a new, potentially worthwhile girlfriend - you think to yourself, "this could be the one," and eagerly wait to see what the coming months will bring. Ultimately, though, the fire dissipates after a few months, you're bored doing the same old thing over and over again, and you're ready to move on. Then another candidate comes along showing great potential, and the same, wonderful feelings of anticipation resurface. The cycle starts anew.​
Mental note: Just say no to drugs.

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