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Restricted Area NPC creature feature on RPGDot

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Restricted Area NPC creature feature on RPGDot

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 19 June 2004, 02:29:43

Tags: Restricted Area

There's another article on NPCs from Restricted Area on RPGDot. This time they're covering one of the critter thingies you'll probably have to fight in the game, primative people:

I think I've mentioned it before… the scum roaming the Wastelands. No, I'm not talking about the mutants but people like you and me. People around here call them the "Low Techs" or "Outlanders". They are nomad tribes -made up of outcasts and rebels- who have established their own culture and civilization over the years. Their weapons are inferior: Knives, clubs, bows and arrows and more of the kind.​

Alright, you primative screwheads! Listen up! This is my BOOMstick!

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