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Geneforge 2 adored by Game Tunnel

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Geneforge 2 adored by Game Tunnel

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 27 June 2004, 02:25:46

Tags: Geneforge 2

Game Tunnel has posted it's review of Geneforge, giving it a 9/10 for the overall score. Here's a clip:

And how you interact with others is important. People will remember your words and actions. If you respond unfavorably to someone, that person and possibly his/her people will all look down on you. Similarly, favorable actions on your part will also be remembered. Since this dynamic exists in Geneforge 2, it is possible to choose sides, and with four different sides that have four different agendas, joining one might cause problems with the others. For instance, if you decide to reject your Shaper training and background, you can bet that the Shapers won't be too pleased with you. It is even possible to play through the game completely without even joining one of the factions.​

That right there is probably one of the better features of both Geneforge and it's sequel. Nothing like getting involved in one side's struggle versus another side with the possibility of betraying that side later.

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