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Dungeon Lords Q&A at GameZone

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Dungeon Lords Q&A at GameZone

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 3 July 2004, 01:54:35

Tags: Dungeon Lords; Heuristic Park Inc.

GameZone has given DW Bradley an opportunity to tell the world once again that Dungeon Lords is a super cool and totally innovative RPG. I certainly can't think of any other RT game that uses both players reflexes and characters abilities. He better copyright that real time technology before everybody starts making these novelty RT games.

Dungeon Lords is said to combine RPG elements with FPS. Are we to understand that you derive the RPG from the setting and character customization and interaction with the world, but that this is built on a FPS model? Or have you managed to twist that even further beyond that simple summation of the game style?

D.W. Bradley: Dungeon Lords is a full-fledged RPG that is combined with a unique blend of real-time Fighting Game combat and FPS style controls. The idea is to keep all the depth of an RPG but feature combat that is all action-packed – the key difference between Dungeon Lords and other RPGs is that our combat is all live, every instant of gameplay employing a combination of the real-time reflexes and strategic decisions of the player with the skills and abilities they have developed and acquired for their character hero throughout the game. The nice thing about working on RPGs for so long, is that it allows me to do this without sacrificing any depth to the underlying RPG elements, such as the fully detailed customized personal character hero development system that covers a wide range of stats, skills, and class specializations, a powerful inventory system that features hundreds of various weapons and armors, and a revolutionary new magic system.​
So, he can give us both real time arcade combat AND inventory and magic systems? Wow, this guy is good!

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