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Kult dev diary over at WorthPlaying

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Kult dev diary over at WorthPlaying

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 20 July 2004, 19:34:52

Tags: 3D People; Kult: Heretic Kingdoms

There's a dev diary over at WorthPlaying talking about Kult: Heretic Kingdoms and their Attunement system. Here's a bit about dealing with smart and not so smart players:

Because Kult: Heretic Kingdoms tries to be a little different in a few areas of its design whilst still remaining at heart a simple-to-use hack and slash RPG, we definitely have issues with the learning curve. Certain players pick up the Attunement system quickly, and are immediately selecting their weapons and equipment with an eye to maximising their preferred strategies… less experienced players are getting to grips with the basics of combat much later, and therefore not really understanding the Attunement system.​

For the second group of people, I suggest shiny objects. Some people just need to pursue less complex guilty pleasures.

Spotted at: Blue's News

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