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Devil Whiskey boxed copies, mods, and more

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Devil Whiskey boxed copies, mods, and more

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 21 July 2004, 19:23:06

Tags: Devil Whiskey

The official Devil Whiskey page has updated with some news on the boxed copies of the game, silly people wanting refunds, as well as some mod stuff. The boxed copies should be going out next week, basically. Here's the refund stuff, which is quite funny:

About Refunds. I'm sorry but this is entertainment software and not a tangible washer and dryer. If you purchase the download game, there should be no problem with it operating as recommended. BUT if you tell us there is some problem 2 weeks after you have had the game, no suggestions that worked for scores of others DON'T seem to "work" for you and you've had time to copy it AND there is no accurate description for what is going amiss; Do you think we should refund money on faith when most people do not? Firstly on the download option, there is no physical product to return and there is almost always a solution if your system meets the minimum requirements. On recommended systems, the game will work with minimal problems and there is always a way to fix bugs if the online bugtracker is used and you provide an in depth detail oriented description of your bug. Due to some potential exploitation, there may be some policy changes in the purchase agreement starting soon.​

That has to be the funniest thing I've heard in a while. You get a shareware key or download the full version, then expect a refund. How dumb do people think the developers are?

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